Raise your hand if you could spend an entire afternoon in Sephora and still not even make a dent in their product inventory. I know I could—I could happily browse the shelves for hours at a time and probably only make my way through a few different brands. As we all know, the retailer is basically every beauty lover’s dream—every product you could possibly want is at your fingertips.

Since it’s basically impossible to peruse every single product at Sephora, I always worry that some might be slipping through the cracks. There are brands at Sephora that I’ve never heard of and know I need to try, but I have a hard time figuring out what actually deserves my attention when there are thousands of products in front of me. 

For this reason, I enlisted the help of Sephora Beauty Director Myiesha Sewell to tell me what products I absolutely need to try from Sephora right now. Since she has a bird’s eye view of practically every product in the store, she knows better than anyone what products are worth it and what aren’t. She shared her top picks across every beauty category with me, and trust me when I say that her favorites won’t disappoint. Keep reading for Sewell’s absolute ride-or-die beauty products from Sephora. 

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