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More and more research shows that there are associations between short- and long-term weight loss and genetic predisposition, but there are nevertheless things within all of our control. To find out exactly might be standing in the way of our goals – and what we can do about it – we chatted with board-certified physician and the medical director of PersonaLabs, Dr. Edward Salko.

Time Constraints

“One obstacle that stands in the way of weight loss is the ability to prepare healthy meals. Research has shown that meal planning has relevant contributions to weight loss and obesity prevention. Some lack the time to prepare their meals because of scheduling conflicts, and therefore rely on ready-made foods usually packed with excessive sugars, salts and fats.

To overcome this obstacle, you can batch your meals, also known as meal prepping. Say you have devoted your entire Saturday to grocery and meal planning. Consider taking the same day to prepare your week’s meal. Then, assign and store them by batch to minimize any actual day prep time.”


“Healthy foods can be more expensive than their unhealthy counterparts. Several studies attest to this truth as prices of healthier meals were compared with common foods in consideration of calories and servings.

Looking for budget-friendly options is possible, however. Elaine Magee, a dietitian, and contributor for WebMD, listed healthy foods that cost less than $2. It includes brown rice, multi-grain pasta, whole wheat bread, oats, non-fat Greek yogurt, frozen vegetables, and dried lentils.

According to the National Library of Medicine, Poor internet connection and lack of universal access to technology were among the technical barriers. It’s also important to understand that most online lab testing still requires visiting a partner lab instead of performing it yourself at home. This is because most of these tests still need professional assistance and facilitation.”

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“While the products of weight loss efforts are appealing, it is the must-needed alterations in weight loss-related behaviors that keep people from starting or finishing an elaborate plan. As a result, lifestyle interventions fail to materialize since the changes demand not just physical efforts but mental strength as well.

Recording your progress is a good way to see your development, which can trigger the feeling of pride through the release of dopamine in the brain. That winning feeling will keep you motivated. Finding a community can also remind you of your goals, recognize your efforts, and see your progress firsthand.”

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