As much as the quiet-luxury aesthetic has been discussed or argued about in 2023, it continues to be something of a mystery to many people. Many people I talk to remain puzzled over how to get the look themselves. But as someone who dedicated her life to putting together a wardrobe that feels more expensive and luxurious than it should be, I know that mastering the subtly chic dressing style isn’t complicated. All you need is to avoid logos and stick to a clean and classic colour palette. 

To finally make quiet luxury easily achievable, I went ahead and laid out all of the various shades in its wheelhouse so you can start to create more timeless and elegant ensembles immediately, taking pieces from your existing wardrobe and supplementing them with new ones that you’ll own and wear forever. So, without further ado, scroll down to discover the nine colours that matter most if you want to build a closet that whispers wealth. 


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