One of the most rewarding parts of my job is curating our street style shoots, capturing the latest fashion trends as they unfold in real time. As temperatures have continued to rise and the need to bundle up under heavy layers has diminished, we’ve taken to the streets once more, focusing our energy on chronicling the best looks we can find from across London. Now, though, we’ve taken our fashion lens to another country to compare style notes and see which trends resonate the most on entirely different soil. And where better to do so than the French Riviera?

Throughout my career, I’ve found inordinate amounts of joy in analysing the style of French women and finding ways to emulate their iconic fashion choices. So, you can imagine my delight when the Who What Wear team asked me to unearth the chicest outfits worn in the South of France through a very special street style shoot. I connected with a photographer working out of Cannes, and I eagerly waited for the IRL outfits to land in my inbox. The date we settled on just so happened to fall slap bang in the middle of Cannes Film Festival when the pavements are practically transformed into a series of catwalks, so I knew we’d have some serious inspiration on our hands. Still, even I couldn’t anticipate just how good the fashion would be.

There will always be cliches attached to French style; some are warranted, some aren’t. However, the looks we found prove Gallic wardrobes go way beyond berets and ballet pumps, pretty as they may be. The sheer diversity of looks we discovered surpassed my expectations—proof that, with street style, you never truly know what you’re going to get. From bold colours and relaxed tailoring to basket bags and a sprinkling of Chanel, each outfit was a unique expression and sleek representation of what modern French style truly is.

I could carry on writing this love letter to the fashion choices of French women, but perhaps it would be a better use of my time to show you them. Keep scrolling to see the impressive outfits that people on the French Riviera are wearing right now.


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