It’s 2023 and the era of elaborate, complex, multi-step eyeshadow looks is officially over. It’s true. As makeup trends in general lean towards the minimal, low-key, and natural-looking, it only makes sense that eye makeup trends would follow suit. Gone are the days of over-elaborate multi-shade looks that required an army of eyeshadow palettes to create—and in is a more effortless (and thankfully much simpler to apply) easy eyeshadow look.

This will be welcome news to those who don’t have 20 minutes to spend perfecting their eye makeup look in the mirror every morning (me), or a desire to rock up to work with a face of full glam (also me). So yes, you can finally clear out the excessive collection of eyeshadow palettes and brushes that you’ve been hoarding since before lockdown. The latest eyeshadow trends are all about ease and effortlessness, so instead you can turn to the likes of cream eyeshadow sticks, multitasking products like blusher and bronzer, and adopt a swipe-and-go approach. You can even let your fingertips to do the blending!

To give you some inspiration, I’ve rounded up eight easy eyeshadow looks that you can pull off without the help of a professional makeup artist. Scroll and screenshot.

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