Summer is as good as here, and the most monumental way to angle your wardrobe towards the new season is with your choice of footwear. Each year, the summer shoe trends will differ from their predecessors, and for 2023, there are some new styles to consider. Now, I never advocate buying something just because it feels of the moment or timely, but if you happen to love it and think it works with your sense of style, then perhaps it is the right purchase for you. And, going by their current popularity on Instagram, I’d say these summer shoe trends for 2023 have a good chance of piquing your interest.

During the recent hot spell, I was sure to keep an eye on the shoes circulating in fashion circles, and there were seven styles in particular that kept cropping up. Among them, silhouettes like wedges have already been embraced and are only set to gain more traction as the months go on. Then there’s a shift towards barely-there fabrications such as mesh and tulle; sure, they’re not meant for downpours, but there’s no denying that they’re pretty. And finally, there are sandals so versatile; I don’t think there’s anything they won’t go with.

Ready to take a look at the complete list of summer shoe trends to try in 2023? Right this way…

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