From ballet flats to basket bags to floral tea dresses—there are many items that spring to mind when I think of French style, but perhaps the piece that transcends most Parisian (and farther afield) wardrobes is jeans. 

I know what you’re thinking—that’s the same for all of us, right? I can’t deny that this is true; whether you look to the outfits of people who reside in London, New York, Stockholm, Rome—wherever!—you’re sure to find jeans. However, I would argue that French women have an appreciation for them that goes above and beyond the ease of pulling them on every day. French influencers tend to give simple jeans outfits more airtime on their feeds and channels than any other people I follow, thus providing me with an endless amount of jeans-outfit inspiration to try for myself. 

Speaking of which, I thought, seeing as the weather is now starting to play ball, that we could take a closer look at how French women wear their jeans in summer. Given the fact we have largely similar climates (save from the South of France perhaps, which enjoys Mediterranean heat) these are looks I know I’ll rely on in the next few months during the British summer time. Compromising of very simple pieces, I’m 99% sure you’ll be able to re-create these looks with items you already own. If not, I’ve shopped out handy lookalikes for you, too. Scroll on to see seven French-girl summer jeans outfits I can’t wait to re-create this year. 


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