When it comes to a reliable autumn colour palette, there are a few shades that instantly spring to mind; think camel, chocolate and grey. These also happen to be some of the most versatile colours you can wear, as they go with just about any other shade you can think of. However, when it comes to matching the more nuanced colour trends that emerge for the season, that’s where things get a little tricky. What works with pink now, for instance? Other than more lashings of pink, as inspired by the Barbie renaissance, that is. And what of the pale yellow colour we’re seeing so much of lately? If this is new wardrobe territory for you, I wouldn’t blame you if you felt a little intimidated. 

This is why I personally find the new collections so helpful; every autumn/winter 2023 runway showcased perfect examples of chic colour combinations to try this season, many of which are encouraging me to embrace a different hues than I ordinarily would. So, I thought I’d direct your focus to some more exciting autumn colour combinations I saw while looking through the many, many A/W23 shots I have on file. What I love most about the pairings I’ve assembled is that none of them feel too whacky, nor are they absolutely predictable. Yes, red and pink feature together as they so often do, but by way of rose and burgundy instead of fuchsia and flame. This nuance of tone is applied to many of the autumn colour combinations you’ll see, which makes them feel all the more expensive, in my humble opinion. 

Below, discover seven inherently chic autumn colour combinations for 2023. 


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