Whilst 2023 has seen the rise of quiet luxury with a definite move away from maximalism, there’s one specific outfit element that absolutely won’t be going anywhere despite the change in trends, and that’s accessories.

Like us, you might know that all too familiar feeling when you put on an outfit but it’s just not quite giving what you wanted it to give. The answer? It lies in the most simple of formulas. Whilst a chic linen dress or white button-down might form the foundation of a great look, it is the strategic use of accessories that sets an outfit apart and elevates it to new style heights. 

Be it a statement handbag, a cute brooch or a silk scarf, the key to that put-together look you’ve been dreaming about lies in the extra little details. And to help you decide what accessories are really worth adding to your collection this season, I’ve put together a curated list of the very best (and pretty affordable!) trends for summer 2023.

Scroll on for the expensive-looking accessory trends you’ll be reaching for this summer season and beyond.  

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