For the past few months there’s been a buzz throughout the Who What Wear UK office, all thanks to the array of stellar trends that Summer 2023 has offered up. We’ve debated the mesh shoes trend, drooled over quiet luxury, and even dipped our toe into boho romantic. Right now, one of the trends that I personally can’t stop thinking about since spotting it on the likes of Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid. Now feels as good a time as any to try it out. The trend in question? Jorts

A longer denim-shorts style that sits close to, on or below the knee, jorts are a revival from Y2K that feels particularly in line with the nostalgic feel of fashion at the moment. And as we go further into summer, I’m sure they’re going to become even more prevalent. When taking on a new trend, it’s not just about a singular piece, but how that piece can be incorporated into a look. So, figuring out the other elements that are required to ensure you actually wear your new purchase should be thoughtfully considered.

Personally, I find the most important thing to be deciphering which shoes worth with the item in question, as that informs where I intend to wear it. If it works with trainers, I can figure out the styling for weekends or the office, and if strappy sandals fit the bill I’ll be able to create a chic evening look.

Once I started my deep-dive into the jorts trend, I found they’re a lot more versatile than I ever gave them credit for. From Hailey’s fisherman-sandals pairing to Emili’s statement heels (see below), you’ll be hard pressed to find an occasion that jorts don’t work for. Trust me, I’m as surprised as you are.

And to prove my point, I’ve turned to some of our favourite fashion people to show you the very best jorts-and-shoes pairings around. 


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