The older I’ve gotten, the lazier I’ve become with my outfits. In my early 20s, my office uniform consisted of high heels, midi skirts and tops that required ironing. Ironing. What’s more, I’d gladly take an earlier train to ensure I had enough time to A) walk to work from the station in said heels and B) freshen up in the loo before logging on. Now, in my early 30s, even with the convenience of working from home, assembling an outfit for the day ahead feels tenfold more draining than ever. 

Still, just because I’m lazy, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to feel put together in my clothes—I just don’t want to put in the same amount of effort as I did back then. My time is precious, and I want to use it more efficiently, be it to take my dogs out for an early morning walk or to get in a workout (which, I’ll admit, is a rarity) before answering emails. So in an attempt to do so, I decided to play around with the pieces in my wardrobe to come up with a handful of minimal-effort outfits that look the polished part and are easy to throw on when I just can’t think. Dresses, of course, come in very handy for this sort of thing, but I think there’s an outfit I might even prefer. 


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