I know that I’m not alone when I say that I truly relished putting away my winter boots and wearing sandals for the first time this year. There’s a lot to love about a crisp, fresh autumn, and winter was an excuse for cosy hibernation, but I’ve been counting down to summer since the last one ended, and now it’s just around the corner, I couldn’t be happier. Summer is, after all, my favourite time of the year to get dressed. The layers are lighter and less complicated, the colours are brighter and the prints more exciting, and with a busy few months of weddings, travel, parties and occasions, there’s more reasons to get dressed up and go out than the rest of the year, but “what does summer 2023 look like?” I hear you ask. Well, I’ve got the definitive answer. 

At Who What Wear we’re experts in spotting trends well in advance and we can see the next big aesthetic before it even becomes a thing. With our group chats, notes apps, saved folders and Pinterest boards full of colours, styles, outfit ideas and references, we’ve known for a while that this summer is shaping up to be a stylish one, and we’ve noticed the early stages of some very promising trends.


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