I’m no stranger to wardrobe regrets. As an avid trend follower who’s tried just about everything, I have been left questioning my past sartorial decisions many times. This mainly dates back to my time before I was a fashion editor, of course. In school, I didn’t shy away from hot pink and purple highlights or ripped-up tees. (The 2000s had a hold on me). Today, we’re going to discuss a few love-it-or-hate-it trends, and as I thought about who I trust most as an expert on the subject, I knew it had to be a Parisian.

Paris is the home of the fashion industry’s most influential designers and incredibly stylish citizens who have that cool, easy, and effortless vibe so many of us hope to emulate. They know one thing is true: Centre your wardrobe on the basics, and everything else will simply fall into place. I make sure that my Instagram feed is filled with chic Parisians, but lately, I’ve been especially loving everything that Franziska Nazarenus has been wearing. So I dialled her up to share with us the six things she thinks Parisians are passing on right now and some chic replacements that we could all be investing in. Read what she has to say below, and happy shopping!


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