In the event that looking like a cool-girl was anywhere on your annual bucket list, here’s your warning to flag and bookmark this page immediately. And while that term can mean different things for different people, there are some trends within a fashion context that are just cool without debate (extremely large earrings and gauzy ruffles being two of them.) This particular archetype of fashion people is often the first to hop on emerging trends, helping to shape what becomes popular months or even years from now. Even if you don’t plan on following the aesthetic, it’s still useful to keep tabs from a trend forecasting perspective.

You’ll notice that many of the key items noted here include lots of statement pieces that  instantly draw peoples’ gaze. And as a cool-girl, dabbling in the controversial and flamboyant is just part of the job description. Below, keep reading to discover the 5 key items on every cool person’s shopping list for spring.

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