Let’s be honest, summer isn’t giving summer vibes at the moment (it feels like September, right?) but we’re just not ready to put our toes away just yet. Some call us crazy, others optimistic, but while boots may be dropping into the ‘new in‘ sections, our sights are still firmly set on sandals. Why? Because there is no way we’re letting grey days distract us from summer’s sandal offerings. 

It’s not often practicality and style go hand-in-hand, so when it does, we embrace it with open arms. And this is why sandal trends you can actually walk in are some of our favourites this year. 

Whether it’s a buckled Birkenstock, a hot girl walking hiker sandal or a wedding guest-appropriate mid-heel pair you can wear to those upcoming nuptials that are still in your diary—these are the five summer sandals that have mastered being equal parts stylish and practical. 

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