Shorts weather has well and truly arrived. At this point in the year, those who rely on jeans to ground their daily outfits usually turn to denim shorts to fulfil the same duty. But for some reason, the latter is trickier to style.

Shorts are inherently casual, whereas jeans are easy to dress up and incorporate into smarter looks. Perhaps it’s the fact that a lot more skin is on show, or it could just be the association with warm weather and the laid-back vibes that come with it. Whatever the explanation is, the good news is we’re here with some tips and tricks to make your shorts outfits feel more polished.

So, instead of reaching for your closest white T-shirt (no one’s judging—it’s a solid combination), keep scrolling. Below, you’ll find out exactly which tops and shoes will make your basic denim shorts seem so much more expensive.


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