We’re stepping into the most wonderful time of the year (arguably), and no, I’m not talking about Christmas. I’m talking about autumn and winter fashion—the layers, the coats, the coffee tumblers as outfit accessories—all of it. I kept my eyes eagerly peeled on the incredible street style that debuted last week at Copenhagen Fashion Week, and it for sure satisfied the part of me that missed seeing leather, blazers and chunky Chelsea boots parading the streets. I’m definitely sad to be waving goodbye to our brief (and frankly elusive) summer, but the autumn’s fashion prospects are too good to not be at least a little bit excited about.

And although I feel truly in my element just after the summer months, it’s admittedly hard to judge which summer items you’ll be hanging up until next year, and which you can put back to work to carry you through the next few months. This year we’ve seen some unpredictable summer trends emerge (Y2K disc belt, anyone?) alongside all-rounders that have stuck around. So which trends will pass the test during this next seasonal switch-up? Well, fear not. I’ve done my research and picked out four quintessential summer trends that will also blend seamlessly into autumn. Luckily, we won’t be packing away our summer rotation in a hurry. 


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