Much to the delight of flat-shoe lovers, the fashion industry has embraced them in recent seasons. In fact, many of the biggest shoe trends right now happen to be flats, and frankly, we love to see it

You’ve probably decided to read this story because you’re a fan of both flat shoes and jeans, as am I, and I always keep an eye out for shoe trends people are wearing with denim, and I’m here to report that they haven’t changed much lately. The three flat styles I’m discussing are fairly casual and have been consistently popular for the past year. That tells me these standout flat-shoe trends have longevity, so adding another pair to your collection wouldn’t be a waste.

Keep scrolling for the three flat shoe trends people are still wearing with jeans (and with some stylish inspo on how to wear them) and shop current styles to pair with your denim. Enjoy.



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