As someone who is hell-bent on making travel a more pleasant experience in any way I can, I put a lot of effort into sourcing the best products to help me achieve this. When I have a trip coming up, I really get into the travel-accessory zone, and lucky for you, I recently had one and am all stocked up.

The thing about travel accessories is that most of them aren’t absolutely necessary. But if you’re someone who craves organization and preparedness, they can feel essential. When I get new travel accessories that I never realized I needed, I oftentimes become so reliant on them that I truly don’t know how I traveled without them. 

With summer-travel season around the corner, I thought it a good time to fill you in on my favorite new travel accessories—some of which I can vouch for firsthand and others that are on my wish list. Scroll to take a step toward making your next trip a little easier.

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