The month of Ramadan, which is observed annually by millions of Muslims, takes place in the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar and is observed through fasting and taking increased time for prayer, self-reflection and charity. As we approach the end of the month, with the last 10 days being the most significant of the month, Muslims around the world are increasing their focus even more as we try to make the most of these blessed days. 

However, it is also a time to start looking ahead to Eid al-Fitr, the festival which marks the end of Ramadan. Eid al-Fitr, which translates to “the Festival of Breaking Fast” is a time to celebrate with loved ones, dressing up in new clothes and hosting traditional dinners. It’s an excuse to indulge in all the delicious dishes you may have missed whilst fasting. 

It is also a time for gift giving and exchanging presents and money, known as Eidiwith family and friends. Ramadan, for me, always leaves me feeling extra sentimental and appreciative for my loved ones and the Muslim community. Nothing strengthens bonds like having to sleepily eat cereal at 4 a.m. for Suhoor or the post-Iftarrush to the mosque. Being able to spoil those who observe the month by my side on Eid day brings me true joy.

However, shopping for Eid can often be a little challenging, as, unlike national festivals, stores are not filled with premade gifts that can be bought at the last minute. There’s nothing I love more than giving gifts, so I’ve taken the work out for you by rounding up the best Eid gifts to give this year. 

& Other Stories does some of the best scented bodycare out there in my opinion, and this handwash packs a punch at an affordable price.

These pearl stud earrings are sure to spark joy, and are perfect for the summer season.

Everyone loves a handmade candle, and this ribbed pair makes the perfect gift for your interior-obsessed loved ones.

I love a brand that does its research, and this gift set was developed with a Muslim focus group. It features a Sticky Dates shower gel, as dates are one of the blessed foods in Islam and are consumed in abundance throughout the month of Ramadan.

This intricately hand-painted box comes filled with crunchy almonds coated in milk, dark and white chocolate.

After 30 days of fasting, this watercolour print of the blessed foods in Islam is both thoughtful and beautiful.

This award-winning natural deodorant is an everyday luxury to gift. 

Mocktails always make for a fun gift. This can be something to take along when visiting family on Eid day.

Sumptuously soft, these are a great gift for mothers and grandmothers.

A selection of 16 delicious macarons of your choice in a two-tiered presentation box… I’d recommend the pistachio and vanilla!

The Magic Cream has a cult following already, so there’s no doubt the beauty gurus in your life will appreciate the new body cream within the range.

For the little ones in your life, this wooden masjid playhouse is perfect. It’s complete with a prayer mat and a family of four peg dolls.

Carrière Frères candles are my newest obsession, and with the botanical packaging and long-lasting scent, I’m sure whoever you give them to will join me.

This versatile organic drink is made from premium ginger, lemon, herbs and spices and makes for the perfect mocktail mixer.

With a celebrity cult following that swear by the brand, I’m sure its newest launch will impress the skincare lovers in your life.

One to gift before Eid, this Countdown to Eid Calendar has 11 products so they can treat themselves each day.

Home scents are a gift category that never goes out of style, and this uplifting fragrance is sure to bring joy on Eid day.

This is a bouquet of white peonies, lily of the valley and stephanotis captured in a bottle so beautiful it’ll take centre stage on their dressing table.

This delicate 18k gold chain bracelet is not only gorgeous but also eco-friendly, made with 100% recycled metals. 

Stylish and practical, these Birkenstock sandals are a great gift for the fashion conscious.

There are good hair straighteners, and then there are great hair straighteners. This tool is one of the best out there. I love the larger plate for longer or thicker hair.

Here’s one of Missoma’s best-selling pieces that have been on my wish list for a while. Gift this one in the morning so they can show it off with their Eid outfit.

This long dress is both stylish and comfortable—perfect for a post-Ramadan picnic. 

With sleep schedules thrown into disarray by Ramadan, I’m sure they’ll appreciate snuggling up into these linen covers.

A blend of smoky incense and Middle Eastern spices come together in this thoughtful Eid Mubarak candle.

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