If you’ve ever wandered down London’s busiest shopping streets, or shopped in one of Spain’s bigger cities, you’ve probably heard of Massimo Dutti. Otherwise the brand is still relatively under the radar, despite opening its first UK store back in 2002. Owned by the same company as Zara, it’s somewhat of a big sister brand to the ubiquitous high street hero. At Massimo, you’ll find more premium designs, better quality and, yes, higher price points. But the offering, despite still following a relatively fast fashion cycle, feels wholly more timeless. In fact, I still have beloved Massimo Dutti items in my closet that I got on holidays in Marbella ten years ago. 

As a London-based stylist with classic (read: expensive) taste, I’ve had Massimo Dutti on my radar for a long time, but for 2023 my love for the brand’s designer-looking buys has reached the point of obsession. As fashion editors at Who What Wear, you can imagine we see a lot of great brands in our working day, but it’s Massimo’s new-in section that I check religiously. 

Maybe the recent pique in my interest has something to do with the rise in popularity of “quiet luxury”— an anti-trend that is basically an appreciation of luxurious minimalist style (something I’ve been a fan for a lot longer than this viral moment). With more of these polished looks around, on celebrities (Sofia Richie, we see you) and fashion people alike, which mostly revolve around high end luxury buys, I’ve come to re-appreciate Massimo Dutti and it’s more affordable take on these pieces. 


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