We can talk about the comfort of your favorite flats or sandals all we want, but sneakers reign as the most wearable and hardest-working shoes in our wardrobes. And unlike boots or sandals, there’s never really a time period where you tuck them away for the season. They’re always there, ready for you to wear them. With that in mind, there’s probably a pair of sneakers you’ve already been living in, so we’re here to give you fresh and new ways to style them.

Like classic black sunglasses, sneakers never really fell out of favor with the fashion set. Sure, there are specific designs that fall into preference every now and then, but they continue to have a consistent presence on our timelines. With all the cool sneakers on the market, we’ve been taking note of how everyone’s styling their new kicks, from New Yorkers to Scandinavians

Below, we’re featuring a whopping 20 sneaker outfits that feel on-trend but don’t require a ton of effort. There’s an outfit for every style preference, whether you like to keep things maximal and colorful or neutral and streamlined. Either way, they’re all a 10/10 in our book.

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