It might be presumptuous to state the following, but I’m convinced that most people have one “unimportant” thing that takes up an immeasurable part of their mental focus. For some, it could be a culturally relevant film that didn’t get its due at the Oscars or a conversation they heard on an exciting podcast. However, for the fashion set, it always comes back to clothing. Whether we like to admit it or not, we spend so much of our time obsessing over the newest designers, scouring the runway for trends, and lambasting ourselves for never buying that one It item.

But possibly the most time-consuming topic for many of us is choosing what to wear. Even as an editor, I’m not immune to falling into an intense preoccupation with how to transition my wardrobe into spring. And I’ve found that it’s even more amplified by the fact I can’t stop reminiscing about my recent time spent in Copenhagen. The sheer amount of inspiration from the Scandinavian style set that I wish I had taken photos of still haunts me. 

So to help assuage my mental preoccupations (and maybe yours, too), I researched 17 simple spring outfit ideas from women across the region. Plus, I shopped out the key pieces to re-create the looks and shared some nuggets of styling wisdom I learned from their overall approach to style while traveling there. Even if you don’t reside in a Scandinavian country, these outfit ideas are worth the space in your mind (and on your camera roll).

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