If you could see how many beauty products are in my apartment right now, you might have a heart attack. I often joke that being a beauty editor means I live in my own personal beauty store, and I’m not even really joking. I have so many different products that I have to categorize them by shelf. While I may not be the most organized person in the world, my bevy of products does translate into me knowing which are actually worth your money. 

You can find so many of my all-time, die-hard favorites at Dermstore. I’d recommend these products even at full price, but I love a sale, so I’m scoping out Dermstore’s Beauty Refresh Sale, which is running now through March 10. All of the products on sale are high quality, and you can snag savings of up to 20% off and/or double reward points when using the code REFRESH at checkout.

Keep scrolling to find the 15 products I know you won’t regret from Dermstore’s sale, especially right now when a lot of us (including me!) are trying to make the most of every dollar. Happy shopping. 

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