Plasticize nails

Cuticle oil is great—”it does wonders to nourish every bit of growth that comes through and ensure the fresh nail is being conditioned early,” says nail tech and founder of Ciaté London Charlotte Knight, but let’s take it one step further. If you haven’t heard of the plasticizing nails technique, you’re missing out.

CND cofounder Jan Arnold recommends doing this to preserve nail health and help them grow. Plasticizing nails involves “conditioning nails and surrounding skin daily, preferably right before bed. This allows valuable oils to penetrate through the coating on the nails as well as the tiny spaces of the nail plate itself as you sleep, filling them with oil while pushing out damaging moisture that can break layers apart,” says Arnold. 

The process restores “resilience which will prevent brittleness and breakage and thus, help nails grow.” She recommends CND SolarOil ($10), which is made of four naturally light oils that penetrate the skin’s pores while sealing in moisture to help repair and preserve the skin cells and promote healthy growth.

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