Occasionally, a colleague in the industry, an old acquaintance, or even a family member will ask me pointedly, “how did you get that handbag?” As an editor, I’m well aware that many can’t imagine forking over a pretty penny to purchase a purse, so the curiosity is understandable. Especially when the price tag of most luxury items can be equivalent to the average cost of a month’s rent in the United States. But what if I told you it is possible to find affordable designer handbags

Hear me out on this: you don’t have to be rolling in dough to be able to afford a designer bag. The secret to finding luxury accessories for less all goes back to knowing the shopping hacks that the fashion set relies on. Candidly, the only reason I’ve been able to build a collection of luxury handbags is because of a series of tricks that I’ve learned over time; but I won’t make you wait years to acquire this shopping knowledge. Ahead, you’ll find my ultimate guidebook on how to buy a designer handbag for a discounted rate. Use one or multiple tips from this story, and securing your own bag will be well within your budget in no time. 

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