When we talk about classic jeans, blue pairs often spring to mind, but I think black jeans are just as timeless, even if they don’t receive the same airtime as their vintage-wash counterparts. I always feel more pulled together and polished in black jeans, which I’d argue also transition from day to night more seamlessly due to their darker base colour.

Still, just like any outfit, black-jeans outfits can become repetitive if you let them. So in an attempt to stop them from becoming stale and tired, I’ve gone on the hunt for black-jeans outfits that are classic and chic and won’t let you down no matter where you’re going. Handily, there was a plethora of stylish looks to choose from, and my favourites are showcased below.

Whether you’re looking for new ways to freshen your style for autumn or simply want some inspiration for 2023, continue on to fill up on black-jeans-outfit inspiration.


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