Is it me, or did summer surreptitiously pass us by? I had big plans for this summer (namely, drinking Fanta Lemon in a bikini and shirt), but it’s turned out to be a little more of a wash-out than a heatwave. Yes, there were a couple of weeks of sunshine and killer hayfever at beginning of June, but I hadn’t factored a grey July into my plans, and after putting all of my cold-weather clothes into storage I find myself with only two options.

One: stubbornly wearing my summer clothes in the wind (and likely, rain), or two: wearing leather jackets and jeans and invariably sweating my way through a sunny afternoon. So, what exactly does one wear in the middle of an unseasonably cold summer? I’m happy to say that I’ve done the research and come up with some very handy ideas for us all. 


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